A composition of gourmet delights...

Croatian cuisine is a joy for every palate. A mixture of culinary influences from the Mediterranean, Slavic, Turkish, Austro-Hungarian food cultures.

Our caterers use local products and ingredients, composing traditional and local dishes with international cuisines. These compositions of gourmet tastes are completed by experienced sommeliers choosing the right local or foreign wine, beer or liqueur.  Our caterers provide all of the articles required to perform magical ambient and athmosphere and to decorate the right stage for these culinary delights.

Our team can deliver to any location or venue requested - wooded pavilions, secret beaches, boats, official dinner catering to private or public locations (as e.g. Revelin, Medvedgrad, Knezev dvor, Radisson Blu hotel, Hotel Esplanade, etc.). Health and diet regimes or vegetarian preparations will be taken into consideration.