Croatia has not only a unique shape but also unique 1000 islands and almost 6000 km of Adriatic coast. And it has, above all, culture and history, reflecting centuries of historical change. Croatia´s history goes back to the 7th century, archaeological sites discovered that some human settlements are older than 130.000 years and important paleoanthropological excavations of the Neanderthal Man (Museum of Neanderthal Man in Krapina) proof this ancient history of Croatia. Croatia´s culture and history are confirmed by many castles, museums, old towns and medieval fortifications under UNESCO Heritage protection. 

Take a historical journey through many time zones and eras - from Dubrovnik, Osijek, Zagreb, Pula, or to the national parks. Learn about local culture and habits by attending one of many food, beverage, dance, music, handcraft festivals or museums and art galleries - such as the Modern Art Gallery in Zagreb, the Carnival in Rijeka, the Spancirfest in Varazdin, or the Summer Music Festival in Dubrovnik.